The Cityscape Could Shift in Future as Lid I-5 Campaign Reaches Milestone

A recent Seattle Magazine article asks readers, “What would Seattle look like if I-5 was covered?” The question comes as the initiative, which was first introduced to Seattle Public Parks two years ago, was given a $1.5 million feasibility grant by the Washington State Convention Center to explore how Lid I-5 may come to life. If approved, it would improve existing infrastructure and expand the city’s space to build housing, public parks, streets, and more – all over top of Interstate 5.

Scott Bonjukian and John Feit, co-chairs of Lid I-5 say that “the study will take years, with construction even farther in the future, and a big price tag to grapple with,” but the funding is a big win. Based on comparable projects in the U.S., they say “lidding I-5 between Madison and Olive streets would cost $250 million, creating 10 acres of new land.”


Over the summer, the Seattle Parks Foundation hosted an open house to discuss the initiative, where they shared proposed renderings including NERO Commons, which would lid the freeway at NE 130th Street and Jackson park, to expand bus areas, provide LINK light rail access, and add amenities including a bike center, grocer, farmers market, and more

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