Market Statistics

Get to know the local market

After 21 months with the highest residential price advances in the nation, home price growth in Seattle began to moderate into single-digit growth in the second half of 2018 and has continued to do so into 2019. These more balanced market conditions have given home buyers a greater selection of homes to choose from and a less frenetic environment, while home sellers continue to reap the benefit of home price appreciation.

Cost of Living

How Seattle stacks up

The cost of living in Seattle is roughly 48 percent above the national average. Much of this figure is determined by the cost of housing—as home prices average 94 percent higher than other cities. Many other figures—groceries, utilities, transportation, health care—are much more conservative. Higher cost of living is mediated by competitive salaries. For instance, the average salary of a senior software engineer hovers around six figures. What’s more? Seattleites benefit from the lack of state income tax found in other HQ locations.