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New Development Spotlight: SPIRE

SPIRE is a brilliant architectural prism at the intersection of downtown Seattle’s most preferred urban neighborhoods. The 41-story condominium tower at 6th Avenue and Wall Street, is now above grade with planned delivery by winter 2020/2021, placing it among the earliest to deliver of new for-sale projects in the pipeline.

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Seattle Zoning Update: Rapid Growth Constrains New Housing Opportunities in the City

A recent Seattle Times housing column tackled a topic that is an important key to understanding our local housing market: zoning. As the article outlines, though 69 percent of Seattle’s residential plots of land contain single-family homes (which is about average compared to the nation’s 50 largest cities) it “generally devotes a lot more of its housing to single-family homes,” which is putting more pressure on a city struggling with affordability amidst rising demand.

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